Sunny Smith-Williams gives back to homeless shelters in New York communities


Sunshine Smith-Williams is a serial entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who is giving back for Thanksgiving to homeless shelters in NYC .











This Entrepreneur Is Working for Justice and Reform After Police Killed Her Best Friend


Smith-Williams, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, youth advocate, public speaker, film producer, and author, says there has been no progress to fix the broken policing system in America. The judicial and American policing system are built off systemic racism because the system was created from an oppressed foundation itself.







Why Woman Who Died in 2012 Is Being Compared to George Floyd | Exclusive








Precious Paris


New project to introduce his label’s new female rapper Precious Paris. During the launch party for his SMS Audio headphones line in NYC this week, Fif told MTV News that he plans to release an accompanying video to the track, for full effect.

50 Cent Introducing Female Rapper Paris On ‘Big 10’ Mixtape


Love & Hip Hop: New York




Precious Paris, the newest member on 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records has made a mark for herself in a very short time. Her show stealing guest feature on ‘Queens‘ in December last year invoked a lot of interest amongst listeners.


Hip Hop N More Interview With Precious Paris | HipHop-N-More

Who Is Precious Paris? The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Is Shaking Up the Music Scene

G-Unit’s First Lady just released her debut mixtape, From Paris With Love. 

But before you dive into this future classic, check out how Precious Paris

linked up with 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew.

#FBF: Precious Paris Remembers Her Days Rolling With 50 Cent



Sunshine Smith-Williams


Sunny Shines Through the Drama!

Many in the fashion and music industry know Sunshine Smith-Williams as the Co-owner of the popular brick & mortar and online boutique je t’aime  Shoes. In recent weeks, most of the country has become familiar with Sunshine as the prison mate of Reality star Teresa Giudice from the Bravo television’s Housewives of New Jersey. Sunshine Smith-Williams remained silent and steadfast as her name was slandered in the media for claims that she doled out information to the press about Teresa. Sunshine has vehemently denied the accusation to those close to her. Regardless of her innocence, Sunshine was mentioned in publications UsWeeklyE NewsIntouch Magazine and the Wendy Williams Show as the source.




NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 03: Yandy Smith, Wahida Clark and Sunshine Smith-Williams attends The Pink Panther Clique book release party hosted by Yandy Smith at Manhattan Brew & Vine



The Pink Panther Clique Book Release Party Hosted By Yandy Smith
NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 03: Yandy Smith, Wahida Clark and Sunshine Smith-Williams attends The Pink Panther Clique book release party hosted by Yandy Smith at Manhattan Brew & Vine on October 3, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)





The School Daze Podcast

EP. 80 “Mamba Mentality” (Feat. Sunshine Smith-Williams)


The Ambitious Beauty Collection is a global brand created in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Sunshine Smith-Williams. As an African American woman navigating the business world in the lifestyle category and more narrowly in health and beauty field she understands the challenge of unique consumer demands. The line of products she developed is powered by Celfie Cosmetics, a company known for statement-making colors and cruelty-free makeup. Ambassadors associated with the brand include celebrities and influencers worldwide like Edwina Kulego.

Sunny Side Up: Sunshine Smith-Williams Is Serving Up Solutions To Empower Our Culture


The empowerment of our youth is a major priority and mission for Sunshine. On the weekends, she teaches financial empowerment and literacy—to local, underprivileged youth in New York. “As a youth advocate, I’m in the schools once a week to teach lifestyle and financial curriculums to at risk youth.” What a blessing to be exposed to and learn the right principles “early” in life and not fall victim to missed opportunities and limited options that often come with an absence of financial education. Just imagine if some of us had someone to show up in our lives during our pre-teen, teen and young adult years who was willing to educate and train us and show us a blueprint to understand money and generate wealth. Imagine, how much further ahead we would be as a culture in terms of closing the wealth gap. Imagine if someone would have told us about credit, investments, stocks, real estate and other financial instruments.


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